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PLG Multi-charger

The PLG universal multi-charger is able to supply and charge up to 10 devices with no problem. It is compatible with more than 4000 portable electronic devices among which are mobile phones, smart-phones, Bluetooth devices, GPS satellite navigators, video game consoles, cameras, video-cameras and portable computers.

Product Addons

Custom product add-ons for your device

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PLG Universal Multi-charger (professional) is compatible with the most widespread brand names and products: Nokia; Blackberry; LG; Apple; I-phone; I-pad; I-pod; HTC; Motorola; TomTom; Garmin; Magellan; Nintendo DS; Sony PSP; Casio; Panasonic and all the others! It is a universal system which is completely customizable with 6 connectors interchangeable power box.

Color : black, white
Power cable : Italian, Schuko/French, UK, USA, Swiss, Australian
Guarantee : 2 years
Technical specifications:
– 6 interchangeable connectors with a retractable cable that may be connected to other devices.
– 2 USB sockets
– 2 universal electric sockets, to supply all the devices with foreign electrical plugs.

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